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Soon and Direction rhyme in our fandom

Dom sits down
21 September 1973
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Matthew Bellamy and Dominic Howard will be the death of me.
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I have an open friending policy. I also occasionally get bots mass friend me. I try to look at other's LJs to see if they are real. I have accidentally refused a friend who I thought was a bot because her LJ was new and had no posts. Sorry about that. From now on, I always check. Feel free to friend as you wish! I also occasionally put up pics from meetings or cons or what not. None of my pics are high quality, so I have an open snerching policy. I use Photobucket when I snerch something. IF I have something of yours that you want/need credit- PLEASE let me know. I do not ever claim credit for something that I did not do, but I don't always know who did the awesome-sauce. Just say the word and you will be credited asap. I tumble here: http://mercury973.tumblr.com/ but right now it's 99.9% Muse/Belldom. .

I also Twitter: http://twitter.com/mercury973

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