Fic- My Silly Half Done Song

Title: My silly half-done song
Author: mercury973
Pairing: Belldom
Rating: R
Summary: College AU- This is for the Valentine's day challenge.
Prompt: The boys have had a huge fight right before Valentine’s Day and have broken up. Matt desperately wants Dom back so he decides to serenade him (publicly or privately – your choice).
Disclaimer: 100% fake. Never ever happened and no offense is intended. This is the first time I have ever atempted a fic challege and I'm terrified it's crap. Also, I could not get the formatting correct so if it looks bad, it's my fault. Betaed by the wonderful pwoperninjaelf and torra who took my gibberish and made it a real story.

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Graham Parklife

Checking In

First day back in school and I'm already exhaused.  Astronomy looks like fun, but the math might be hard.  To place in this class, you need to be at a math level one down from me.  The teacher expects us to be 2 levels ahead of me.  D'oh.  Google will be my friend in this class, I reckon.  I'm not planning on being a astrophyisist, no matter how fun McKay makes it out to be.  In my math class, I'm the only person from my last class in this one.  I know only a friend of a friend.  One person from my last class said he was signed up last spring, but either dropped, was a no show, or is haivng medical issues (reason he had to retake from being out so much). I'm in a table with some kids right out of high school again. They are so cute!

Last call for GeekGirlCon.  Please let me know asap.

First day of school

Back in school today.  I picked up my astronomy book on Saturday so I am all set. My back pack with my text book and binder (with calculator) is also in the back pack. I got a microwave meal that I can nuke and eat since I get to school early.

I will not moon over my teacher
I will not moon over my teacher
I will not moon over my teacher
I will not moon over my teacher

I need to get a life and actually be interested in someone I actually have a chance with.  But try telling that to my heart.  I'll let you know how it goes

Mad-ass storm expected today.  I can't wait to see it pour since we haven't had much rain in a few months

Calling all nerds

If you're thinking about attending the Seattle GeekGirlCon and need a place to stay, please let me know.  Even if you're not quite sure if you're gonna go.  I have limited space in my small apartment but I can squeeze in a few people.  I'm also walking distance from where the con is being held.  I do have 2 very spoiled cats, so you'll need to keep that in mind if you are allergic or just not fond of cats.

You can also email me at my user name at gmail dot com.


Decided not to watch

I have a work party tonight then friends get together for my birthday tomorrow night.  Monday- HOTTIE TEACHER.

Needless to say, I really am in a good mood and don't want to spoil it by watching the writers of SPN piss all over the goodness of Castiel.  I refuse to watch this weekend.  I'll read other people's reviews (since I am a total spoiler whore) but not tonight.  And if this is just a ruse to keep fandom talking about the show during summer hiatus- that makes it even worse. 

But feel free to tell me all about it here afterwards.  Let me know if it's worth watching or not.

Need I say- there might be spoilers in the comments?


Thank you

Thank you for all the birthday wishes yesterday!  I hope I got back to everyone to thank them.  If not-THANK YOU

Special thanks to gyri for the virtural gift.  Yummy!
Special thanks to torra for the 1000 LJ tokens.  Awesome!

I appreicate everything you guys do for me.  38 is gonna be a blast!